Spaghetti sprouts from where Its presence once stood.

Spaghetti sprouts from where Its presence once stood.
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

IMPORTANT SPAGHETTI ANNOUNCEMENT: Pirates Arrived Safely to Cumberland County

It has been confirmed that on March 22, the holy pilgramage taken by Pirates to visit the Flying Spaghetti Monster statue on the courthouse lawn was a beautiful and spiritual experience for all who attended as well as for onlookers.

Pictures will be available shortly. We encourage other Pirates, believers, and non-believers to make the pilgramage and to also worship on the front lawn of the courthouse. SEND PHOTOS!


OBx2 said...

It was so great hanging out with the pirates today. I wish there were more that could make it, but with the short notice it was kind of hard. Maybe next week?

Anonymous said...

aye! next week, we shall set sail for the court house lawn again. on Saturday at 3 let us meet and rejoice in the name of his noodleyness!

pleasant.fiend said...

Photo from a family pilgrimage

Elise said...

I shall indeed make sail to see his Noodleyness! Ramen!