Spaghetti sprouts from where Its presence once stood.

Spaghetti sprouts from where Its presence once stood.
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Friday, April 11, 2008

Important Spaghetti Monster Update: Thank you!

Cumberland County's Building and Grounds Committee met last night. I was unable to attend the meeting but it seems that the decision is that as of May 1 all statues must be removed from the courthouse lawn. Displays from civic organizations or nonprofits may be displayed for 1 day in correlation with an I said, I was not able to attend the meeting myself so I can not confirm the accuracy of this information and I do not know further details. But I have been asked to remove the FSM by midnight on April 30. I am sure we will hear more information shortly.

Thank you to all who have respected the local chapter of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster-- an effort to make the open forum of our courthouse lawn truly open. I hope that Cumberland County continues to equally treat, respect, and represent the diverse beliefs of its residents. The discussions that have occured over the past three weeks are what enables us to protect our right to equality and freedom of speech.
Change was made possible because of the voices and responses of our community.
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more parmesian anyone...?


Anonymous said...

This was supposed to be an open disucssion forum. Yet, my comment about a better place for it and the obvious moral fiber of the ethics behind its purpose have been omitted. All that has occured now through the spaghetti monsters creation is the stop to the creativity that we saw of the local artisans on the property. So, congratulations. You did something alright. Hope it is what you wanted. All artist want controversey, but now there will be no more. You guys suck.And I mean that. Too bad that blasphemous monstrosity you made didn't catch fire.

MAXKIEV said... el mundo debe ser pequeño

Pasta Pete said...

This is truly great news. I have presented offerings of meatballs and roasted garlic to FSM this morning.

Praise be to FSM!

(I guess this means no display of the Islamic Crescent icon on the courthouse lawn during the month of Ramadan?)

T-Bear said...

Anonymous, your comment amuses me, the spaghetti monster sculpture IS the creation of a local artisan...perhaps your protest is rooted in the fact that you don't like her subject? I drove up this week specifically to see this piece of art. I think the decision made illustrates the truth of the desires of Cumberland County in regards to "art" on the courthouse lawn. This was never about art. It was, and is, about promoting a particular religion. If it were about art, the decision would have been wholly different. Good art provokes thought and conversation and the sculpture of the FSM did that. The decision of the committee verifies what those of us who use the symbolism of the FSM (some of us who are bible believing Christians thank you very much) suspected all along. Free speech is not what the displays on the courthouse lawn were ever about. Freedom of religion was not the desire of the people who allowed them. The writers of the constitution were brilliant in their inclusion of the anti-establishment clause. This clause protects both the church AND the state. It is worth preserving. I for one am disappointed that Crossville chose to ask that all the statues be removed. I would have loved to see a true free speech zone in Cumberland County. But as they are NOT interested in creating one this is the best outcome that could be hoped for. It saddens me but all Ariel did was expose the truth. Crossville was not interested in supporting the arts or in free was interested in promoting the Christian faith. That's a great and noble goal for an individual or a church...but NOT for the government. It is not the government's role.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Great move! Your plan succeeded. Now the courthouse lawn can go back to its sterile appearance. I'm sure that was your intention and ultimate goal. The committee made the only decision it could under the circumstances and pressure you and the current climate of the court system present. Just like the one bad kid in school, acting out, causing the whole class to lose privileges - you have won. Now the citizens will be deprived. Just grass and concrete - how enlightening and interesting it will be!!

Of course, you will say that it's not your fault - that now the rightful separation of church and state has been achieved. I say, it was not wrong to display either religious or non-religious items that represent ideas or beliefs that thousands of citizens in the community respect. But items displayed must be something genuine with some substance and support. With freedom comes responsibility to do the 'right' thing. The sad truth is that FSM did nothing but make fun of the religious beliefs of the majority of the county's citizens -- real, religious beliefs that have existed for thousands of years -- Not an unabashedly bogus, parody religion mocking Intelligent Design that was invented a few years ago as a protest to a Kansas court decision.

Just as I wouldn't expect to be able to create a statue of my big toe and expect to have it placed on display as the great 'TOE' OF LIFE [Bow down or be ingrown!] - items placed for display on this community's courthouse lawn should have (1) some meaning to, and support of a SIGNIFICANT NUMBER of individuals in this community and (2) not be intentionally DEMEANING to anyone else. Your statue failed miserably on both criteria.

Come on, are you really proud that you have ruined it for everyone? You say, "The discussions that have occurred over the past three weeks are what enables us to protect our right to equality and freedom of speech." Instead of 'encouraging' discussion, now discussion will be no more -- AS THERE WILL BE NOTHING THERE TO DISCUSS! You have KILLED another avenue of communcation in this town. And you say, "Oh, but for those 3 glorious weeks." 3 weeks that no one will remember in 1 year! But the courthouse will have some pretty green grass to look at, and some really cool concrete sidewalks.... I am throughly disgusted!!! Again Freedom of Speech has been converted, subverted, perverted to NO SPEECH. Go ahead, bask in the tainted glow of your hollow victory.

Lari said...

Hahahahahahaha, so the goverment is desperate this point? They cant be involved with religion when they're taking care about the population.

It's pathetic how they try to cover the intention extending it to all statues...

But of coure I'm not really able to talk about it, it was just my first view, but I don't know about your politiques, I'm a rare Brazilian Pastafarian, anyways...

Ah! Your statue of the FSM looks sooo great, its awesome =P

Anonymous said...

It can't catch fire. I keep urinating on it!

Anonymous said...

thank you ariel ramen

Andrea said...

I am disgusted as well, but definitely not with you Ariel. You opened up diversity on the courthouse lawn, which is what I felt should happen. I am disgusted with our town council who panicked and removed all 'privileges' just because of your statue. To me, it shows that they really were closed minded all along. As soon as there is any real display of freedom of speech, then they get rid of the 'privilege' altogether. It's not your fault at all, it's our town's government. I wonder if someone can bring suit against them for suddenly withdrawing the right of public expression on the lawn as soon as an 'unchristian' statue went up. That's just not right. It's disgusting and I'm ashamed of them.

At our next election we all need to vote on the politicians who will make a difference and stand up for what is right.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised by the town council nor the responses by some on this blog.

Well, I am very excited to see this statue. My husband and I are driving from all the way from Clarksville to see it this weekend.

FSM is not about offending nor mocking the christian religion, it is about true freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Good for you Ariel for challenging the boundaries of true freedom of speech. Maybe some good open minded accepting christian-like behavior can come from some of these "christians"

Anonymous said...

So, let me get this straight... If anyone wants their piece of so-called "art" to be displayed, they only have to deem it 'religious' and see city officials quake in their boots as they approve it and liberals cry out in its defense if it's criticized? Hmmm, I can think of some very interesting exhibits... Wow, I guess anyone should be able to display anything, no matter how gross or offensive or meaningless??? ...just turn it into a 'free speech zone' issue, Yeah Baby, that's the ticket! We can always say we want to 'spark debate.' Problem is, that's not freedom of speech -- that sounds to me like lack of good taste, good judgment or any consideration for others!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the "Free Speech Zone" only lasted as long as the symbols were "non-controversial" or Christian.

Proud Redneck said...

I was born and raised in Crossville. You may dislike the spaghetti monster, but I was completely disgusted and ashamed of all the UGLY chainsaw art on our Courthouse lawn: "Touchdown Moses," the 25 foot chainsawed Last Supper, and the rest.

God Bless you for helping Cumberland County regain some dignity rather than continue to look like a hick roadside attraction.

F. Lee said...

If I were to make the pilgrimage to Crossville before the April 30th deadline, is there a reputable restaurant there where the spaghetti would be delicious and nutritious?

Yes I know their was to be a fast until May 5th (The national day of Reason) but since the FSM is about to be "taken up" we must have a last supper.

Forrest Erickson

F. Lee said...

After considering the specialty license plates in TN which open a public forum I developed an idea.

Forrest Erickson