Spaghetti sprouts from where Its presence once stood.

Spaghetti sprouts from where Its presence once stood.
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"Once a public forum is established, government may not discriminate against other speakers (. . .)"- The Christian Science Monitor...Sound Familiar?

Cumberland County is not the only place struggling with the place of religious symbols on government property. Check out The Christian Science Monitor's article by Warren Richey on the U.S. Supreme Court deciding another 1o Commandments case- this time in Utah.


MikeD said...

To Ariel, as an expatriate of C-town I am proud of what you are doing.

To mayor Hill and all the others who feel that this project is an attempt to "ridicule religion": placing the ten commandments on public property ridicules religion. You are placing your religion (and mine) on level footing with the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Why all the effort to secularize your beliefs? Is your view of government that of a repository of your beliefs where they are stored as if in a safe deposit?

It is interesting that everyone with an opinion claims to have an in depth understanding of the Constitution. Yet, none seem to grasp that interpretation through judicial review of the Supreme Court is binding as if it were explicitly addressed within the original document.

Benoit said...

Hello Ariel,

What you've done is FANTASTIC ! The world needs people like you fighting for reason and respect.

May the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the The Invisible Pink Unicorn bless you.

Cheers from Benoit, France (ben119(@)

Erik R. said...

MHNATY, Ariel!

Norm said...

As a member of the Word of Blake, I would like to commend you for bringing an interesting discussion to life.

Now, when may I be permitted to erect a tribute to our Blessed Founder?

May you be touched by Blessed Blake and may all of your technology continue running for many cycles to come.